Planting art: Cindy, Ed, Woodie

SEED is planting art in the community in conjunction with our group exhibit “Sprouted!” opening May 23rd at CAC. We’re hiding FREE hand-painted art objects created by SEED artists around downtown Winston-Salem. Join the hunt and if you find one, it’s yours to keep–no charge! The hunt started 5/20/13 and you can see hints for where to look for art here. We’ll also be posting hints on new hiding places and sharing your finds on

** update: While not all planted  art  has been confirmed as found, we believe most (if not all) of the art objects hidden this round have been discovered. Thanks to those who played along–sharing art with the world is a wonderful adventure. Stay tuned for future art plantings.**

Did you find some art we planted?

Please tell us about it in the comments section below or visit facebook and share photos and comments about your find.

Like what you found?
Visit our group exhibit at The Community Arts Café to see larger-scale works by SEED artists. Join us on May 23rd and meet the artists of SEED in person! We’re excited to introduce our new SEED members–Cindy TaplinIan Bredice and Ed Young–with this exhibit.

SEED Sprouted exhibit at The Community Arts Café
Opening reception May 23rd, during Jazz Thursday.
5:30pm-7:00 pm
411 W. Fourth St. – Winston-Salem, NC 27101

You can see some more photos from this project here and on our facebook page.

** Thanks to the “I hid art” movement and to Piedmont Artists United for inspiration on our Planting Art project. **