Mark Graves image 3 “like shooting fish in a barrel!”  a.k.a  “Valdez”  February 2010  Steel, wood, fiberglass and nylon  95″x 38″x 24″   Mark Graves
Mark Graves

"Backbone" 2010 Wood, aluminum, bone and steel 20"x 50"x 24" Mark Graves

Mark Graves

"Connective" 2009, Rubber and steel 26"x 40"x 40" Mark Graves

Typically working with re-purposed objects that are most often viewed as societal trash bound for landfills or 3rd world smelters. Mark’s sculptural forms often juxtapose natural and man-made materials which have a personal meaning and/or connection to his life experiences. Many of the objects he creates have been derived from sources such as an illegal dump created and maintained by a former neighbor, items salvaged from construction sites, road side debris or materials found during his many hikes and trips. Re-purposed materials have long been prevalent in his work and these items speak to the consistent underlying theme of unchecked consumerism and its profound effect on the environment and the values of future generations.

Mark graduated from Appalachian State University in 1989 where he studied sculpture and outdoor recreation. After completing an art degree, he went into experiential education and team-building as a challenge course facilitator / program coordinator for a decade. His outdoor experiences have long since influenced his approach to creating art. His artistic philosophies were the initial catalyst to the formation of the concept of “Tech-No-Gaia” a collaborative effort and art experiment with fellow Appalachian alum Clark Whittington and periodic guests.The primary goal of this collaboration is to speak directly to the often unnatural alliance that we all have with our creations of convenience and consumerism.

Mark works and lives with his wife Toni an artist and educator, their really grubby cat, wolf-like dog and the periodic adult kid(s) in Northeast Forsyth county, North Carolina. serves as a primitive place holder on the web and a portal to a Flickr page illustrating older works and installations

mark can be reached via e-mail here.