Great article in YES Weekly about our current exhibit at CAC, SPROUTED:

Winston-Salem art collective SEED hosted a reception on May 23 celebrating the opening of its new exhibit, on display on the first floor of the Community Arts Café. SEED Sprouts, which runs through June, serves as the introduction of the collective’s newest artists: Cindy Taplin, Ian Bredice and Ed Young.

“I thought they’d be great additions to the group,” said Millicent Greason, who co-founded SEED with ten other artists in 1998.

The group initially operated out of a former seed warehouse — hence its name. SEED no longer has its own space, though, so the collective constantly collaborates with other galleries and establishments to hold its shows.

The exhibit at the Community Arts Café is scattered throughout the building’s basement floor. Most of the pieces adorn the walls of the circular concourse, which leads into a large dining room and small bar area that collectively feature roughly another dozen pieces.

SEED Sprouts features a wide variety of styles and subjects, including Young’s uncompromising abstract paintings, Greason’s 3-D mixed-media pieces, Dave Urena’s panoramic photo collages and Laurie Russell’s acrylic dog portraits. The three new members each carry unique, recognizable styles, adding to the already diverse array of work of SEED’s other eight members.

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