Planting art: Cindy, Ed, Woodie

SEED is planting art in the community in conjunction with our group exhibit “Sprouted!” opening May 23rd at CAC. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be hiding FREE hand-painted art objects created by SEED artists around downtown Winston-Salem. Join the hunt and if you find one, it’s yours to keep–no charge! Stay tuned, the hunt will start soon! We’ll be posting hints on hiding places and sharing your finds on

Here’s a look at the SEED art garden trowels, pre-artification:

in progress: SEED art trowels

And here are just a few photos of the art objects you could find during this “art planting” event:

SEED art objects

Art object by Woodie Anderson

Planting art: Cindy Taplin

Art object by Cindy Taplin

Planting art: Ed Young

Art objects by Ed Young