Amalgamated Transmutations: Flight, Growth and Breaking Open

SEED members Nicole UzzellMillicent Greason and Woodie Anderson will be on exhibit this month at the Electric Mustache Gallery in Winston. Opening reception is Saturday, May 4th. Please stop by and say hello!

Amalgamated Transmutations: Flight, Growth and Breaking Open

Artists Nicole Uzzell, Millicent Greason and Woodie Anderson present new work examining transformations of the physical and mental self under pressure. Together, these three artists use trusted skills and materials combined with unfamiliar techniques and new mediums to explore themes of distortion, mutation and renewal-leading to fresh, unexpected perspectives. The results are both beautifully authentic and unexpectedly raw.

The exhibit includes: paper, wire and ceramic sculptures by Nicole Uzzell, mixed media assemblages by Millicent Greason and large-scale screen printing on found fabrics by Woodie Anderson. Together they collaborate on three sculptural, life-size self-portraits built from paper casting and other found objects and materials as a focal point for the exhibit. Visitors may join the conversation on self-image and social expectation through a interactive installation that will evolve throughout the exhibits duration.

Opening reception
Saturday May 4th 7pm-10pm
(show on view thru May 31st)

The Electric Mustache Gallery
211 East Third Street,
Winston-Salem NC